Designing financial security for business owners and their families.

Estate & Business Succession can be a complex process.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, intimidated or confused, you are not alone.

The vast MAJORITY of business owners DO NOT have an effective Estate & Business Succession plan in place, even if they believe they do!

That means they (that may include you) will cause their families and their business partners untold grief which in turn erodes incredible amounts of family wealth – UNNECESSARILY.

Trentini Financial Inc. can help you avoid harsh unintended consequences.  That is what we do and WHY WE EXIST!

The important issue

Having a trusted advisor to quarterback the
process and ensure things get done.

Most every business owner has a lawyer, an accountant, a financial advisor, and an insurance advisor. However, as we go through our holistic approach to planning, we almost always uncover what would result in “unintended results.” The transactions individually are usually wise transactions, however you must consider that your team of advisors is not usually consulting with one another and coordinating transactions for your benefit. When current plans are analyzed, a crash test usually uncovers unintended and unacceptable consequences.  If no further planning is done, significant unnecessary confusion, stress and taxes will likely result. That is a major reason why 70% of family businesses do not make it to the 2nd generation.

If you are not including a competent Estate & Business Succession Planner on your team of advisors, you have a two-legged stool.

Our focus is coordinating the planning, bringing the advisory team together in a collaborative manner, uncovering problem areas and providing you with solutions that help you and your business prosper, while preserving,enhancing and protecting what you have built.

We are the third leg

Our firm provides the following services

Advisory Services

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Shareholders’ Agreement Analysis 
  • Estate Planning Analysis & Recommendations
  • Mayo Clinic Like Review (Multi-Disciplined Team Approach)
  • Tax Minimization or Elimination Strategies
  • Strategic Philanthropy

Financial and Insurance Solutions

Business Succession Planning 

  • People need help, don’t know where to go or who to talk to.
  • We specialize in family owned business transitions.
  • Our team will help sort out relationship dynamics and communication issues.
  • We design and coordinate the technical, tax and legal solutions,
    collaborating with your other advisors or a specialized team.
  • Fair is not always equal.

Estate Planning Analysis & Recommendations 

  • We provide a comprehensive review service and a detailed report.
  • We help you see clearly what your current situation is (often misunderstood).
  • We provide you with effective recommendations to optimize your plan.
  • We design solutions to achieve best results.
  • We implement your decisions.

“Mayo Clinic” – Type Review 

(Multi-Disciplined Team Approach)

  • Advisors acting in isolation on your behalf often leads to serious, unfortunate, “unintended” results.
  • We coordinate and quarterback the advisory team for optimum results.

Tax Minimization / Elimination 

  • Most business owners do not know how much of a silent shareholder the tax department is in your business/estate.
  • Most people don’t realize you have a choice whether you pay taxes at death or not.  You have options.
  • Death Taxes – Voluntary or Involuntary?
  • Tax can be paid with lower cost dollars, minimized or even eliminated.


  • Taxes minimized or eliminated
  • Estates enhanced
  • Results you never thought possible!

Strategic Philanthropy

  • Save Tax, Give More 
  • Could you become an “Accidental Philanthropist” with the right tax plan?
  • Simple “One & Done” plans available 
  • Success to Significance!
  • Leave a Legacy for the Community while enhancing your estate!
  • See BLOG


Taxes minimized or eliminated

  • Estates enhanced
  • Results you never thought possible!
  • Give more, get more!