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Trentini Financial Inc. 

Trentini Financial Inc. is a boutique Estate & Business Succession Planning firm, focused on the needs of successful business owners and their families.

Through innovative and creative financial, insurance and tax strategies used specifically for Estate and Business Succession Planning, and collaboratively working with a client’s’ other professional advisors or bringing together the team they need, we custom design holistic, integrated plans that significantly enhance results.

If you are not proactive about your planning, your family could lose up to 40% of your business/estate unnecessarily!!


To help you KEEP and enhance what you and your family worked so hard for.

When Business Owners like YOU work with us …

  • Your “silent shareholder” – the tax department – is removed;
  • Businesses survive;
  • Successions are successful;
  • Financial security achieved;
  • Estate equalized;
  • Assets preserved when health fails;
  • Legacies protected & enhanced;
  • Charities and communities benefited.

The important issue is:

Having a trusted advisor to quarterback the process and ensure things get done

Most every business owner has a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor and insurance advisor. However, as we go through our holistic approach to planning, without exception we uncover what would result in “unintended results.”  The transactions individually are usually good transactions, however be aware that your individual advisors are not collaborating together and coordinating their transactions for your overall, holistic benefit.


You Are Not Alone

Estate & Business Succession can be a complex process.
If you find yourself overwhelmed, intimidated or confused, you are not alone.


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