We would highly recommend Jane as an advisor to any entrepreneur or investor. She has the ability and expertise to take your planning to an entirely new level. She continues to bring relationships and strategies to the table that benefit us in various ways. I most appreciate the trust factor in our relationship. Jane put together an estate plan for us that combined a unique permanent Joint-Last-to-Die tax exempt life insurance plan with a leveraging strategy. The insurance benefits our children and chosen charities and eliminates all the tax burdens in our estate on 2nd death and using the leveraging strategy any costs for the plan were effectively offset.  It has been extremely beneficial for us and our estate and we are pleased to have been able to take advantage of it. Jane has consistently held our best interests at heart.

tHE lATE Barry Kossowan


I am a 2nd generation family business owner.  Jane has been helping us with our technical planning – Wills, Shareholders’ Agreement, Buy/Sell funding and other valuable financial tools and strategies.  A number of years ago Jane’s previous business partner helped our family business set up an Advisory Board – which has been invaluable.   Working with our lawyer, Jane redesigned our Shareholders’ Agreement for the 2nd time, which had to amended to bring key employees into an ownership position.

The Estate Plan of the founding generation was carefully designed, reviewed, monitored and adjusted as necessary by Jane  along with our lawyer.  She made crucial and timely adjustments in certain key areas to help our family avoid unintended results.  All completely taken care of!

As an Owner, Director & Executor, I cannot begin to more strongly endorse or recommend Jane.  Her wisdom, knowledge, & experience you can’t put a price on.  You also can’t put a price on peace of mind.  If I and my siblings had to navigate the planning we had to do on our own with all the minefields and potential pitfalls… well my vote would have been to sell (at a greatly reduced price).  Instead we have what is now an incredible company with a bright future.

TRENT WOODS - President Gem Cabinets

These transactions we are now doing brings back memories of first coming to your office after my father passed away and discussing investment options for the money he gifted the kids. Your counsel has always been thoughtful and valuable and we have enjoyed working with you and everyone in your office. Jane has been and continues to be amazing to work with…

Pam Sprague

Thank you for what you’ve done for me and my family.

Simon Sochatsky

Northern Industrial Carriers Ltd.

Every business requires assistance in its growth. Family business is no exception. External knowledge and information is essential to help the dynamics and sharpen competencies not only within the business but the family as well. Having worked closely with the Trentini team, we have observed that each member had great knowledge in their respective field, as well as first hand experience in the intricacies in a family business.

Darren Hansen Unified Alloys

Thank you to all of you for so many things:

  • For suggesting I take out a Critical Illness insurance policy.
  • The care, concern, support during this health “challenge.
  • For leading me through the paperwork required.
  • For the phone calls just to check in and make sure I was OK.
  • For delivering my cheque.

You have become a trusted safety net during a time I could never have imagined. You have given me the confidence that I can “feel the fear and do it anyway” and can be successful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Florence MacLean

We had already done a great deal of work regarding our Estate and Business Succession planning, however we were able to accomplish so much more with Jane Trentini’s assistance and expertise. Jane not only discovered a serious problem area after a thorough analysis of our situation, but she worked with our other advisors to make sure all details were corrected and coordinated to meet our overall objectives – tax efficient transfers, fairness and family harmony.

If Jane had not been involved, the results could have taken a serious toll in terms of estate erosion and fairness. Her knowledge of the most beneficial way to implement the various tax and insurance strategies maximized the benefits to me personally, all our family members, the estate, the business and our charitable foundation. She created value-added benefits for us that far outweighed any cost to put things in place. The most significant value she provided me was PEACE OF MIND in planning done well and effective stewardship of what God has blessed me with. We would recommend any entrepreneur or family in business to look to Trentini Financial for their Estate & Business Succession planning needs.

Gretel Henseleit


Tax, Legal, Accounting Advisors

“I absolutely loved the projects that we worked on together and you always impressed me with your ability to connect with people.  You always went above and beyond and truly made a difference to the businesses and families that you worked with.” 

Margaret Paproski

CPA, CMA, LL.B, MBA - General Counsel - Midnight Sun Financial (Formerly with Felesky Flynn LLP)

 “Jane Trentini has been a trusted colleague of ours for many years. Her aptitude for thorough analysis and creative solutions for estate and business succession planning is well documented and we have always appreciated the value she brings to our clients. Jane brings her extensive knowledge and expertise in insurance and estate planning to each situation to better assist the clients in achieving their objectives. In the past, we have worked with Jane to get her assistance in analyzing various insurance products to best suit the client’s objectives. Jane is able to work through complex issues with clients in a manner that allows the clients to better understand the situation and she has assisted numerous clients in successfully transitioning their business ventures from one generation to the next.”

Michelle D. Millard, Donald N. Cherniawsky, Sean M. Zubryckyj

Felesky Flynn LLP - Tax Counsel

“I always think it’s pretty amazing when professional advisors in our community walk that walk. They’re not only advisors, but they’re generous donors themselves,” says Kathy Hawkesworth, ECF’s Director of Donor Services, who helped the Trentini’s plan their fund. “They understand their motivations for making a difference and then they surprised us with this truly unique way to move forward to make that difference themselves, by transforming Reno’s labour of love in restoring these cars into support that lasts forever. We enjoyed learning from them what they wanted to accomplish and how they wanted to involve their family. With that information, it was a simple process to put together an endowment that reflects their wishes.”

Kathy Hawkesworth

Edmonton Community Foundation’s Director of Donor Service

Associate Advisors & Team Members

“Jane has been an upstanding and well-respected Advisor operating her practice through our MGA – PPI for a great number of years. Personally, I have known her for almost 3 years now. I believe her top qualities are honesty, knowledge & experience, and common sense.

Honesty – in a time where we have witnessed many recent market events, this has presented many challenges in the financial services world.  Jane builds clients’ trust by being honest and straightforward.
Knowledge & Experience – with a great number of years in the business, Jane has dealt with many situations across various applications and product lines. She can provide a unique perspective when it comes to

developing solutions for her clients. When I first met Jane, I took particular interest in her approach to planned giving with registered charities, utilizing insurance solutions to generate tax savings for her clients. I wish there were more Advisors like Jane that have the drive to do “good” in our communities.

Common sense – this quality I always look for in anyone in the financial services business. Having such sound judgement in every case really adds to the overall value she brings to her clients. In dealing with thousands of Advisors throughout my career, I place Jane in the top percentile.
As a fellow Advisor in the industry, a great test I use to judge any Advisor is to ask the question, “Would I trust this Advisor with my own financial or insurance plans”? That answer is “most definitely yes”!”
Gregory P. Bird

Former Assistant Vice President - PPI

“Jane is one of the most valued female associates in our industry.  Over the past 30 years,  I have had the privilege of assisting Jane as she embarked on becoming a successful strategic advisor.   Jane’s thirst for knowledge and determination has earned her a seat at the table of some of the most respected advisors in the industry.   Her dedication to servicing her clients is remarkable.  Being a dedicated mother and wife, Jane is passionate about providing family and business succession solutions for her clients.  I look forward to serving Jane as she continues serve her clients!”

Colleen Klassen

Manager, Business Resources – Western Canada PPI Advisory

“I have known Jane for over 15 years. During that time, she has carried herself with confidence and poise. She has always been open to help and offer advice to a younger advisor in the business. It is easy to see that her care for her clients is always at the forefront of her business – a trait we all aspire to.” 

Ben Fortier


“I have known and worked with Jane Trentini since 1998 – from employer to business partner, friend and confidant. She was the best partner imaginable. She is clearly “called” to what she accomplishes as an estate, succession, and entrepreneurial financial advisor/coach. She has accumulated incredible knowledge over years of experience that developed into a passion for serving business owners and professionals by taking their challenges and problems to innovative “next level planning” – beyond what they often believed possible.

Jane’s integrity, work ethic and trustworthiness are profound – which I have witnessed first hand. I recommend her without reservation to any serious successful entrepreneur who demands a professional consultative approach and real solutions. “
Gordon Wusyk

Founder, Predictable Futures

“I have been blessed to have worked with Jane since 2000. She has been key in my both professional and personal development. I would not be the person I am today without her strength and encouragement. She is one of the strongest and most generous women I know.”

Linda Caouette

Executive Assistant