Living Benefits

People don’t always need insurance because they are going to die… they need it because they are going to live.

It’ll never happen to me.”  THINK AGAIN! 

The risk of becoming disabled or having a Critical Illness is far GREATER than dying before 65.  Yet most people think it will never happen to them.  THINK AGAIN!  Your financial future could be at risk.

Due to incredible medical advancements our life expectancy has doubled in the last 100 years!

That also means, if you were to suffer from a serious illness, such as heart attack, stroke or cancer, or a serious injury – the good news is you will likely survive.  Financially, the bad news is – you will likely survive.

  • Savings and assets are at risk,
  • Retirement security and inheritances are at risk,
  • Children’s education is at risk,
  • Businesses, employees and suppliers need to be protected,
  • Estates need to be preserved.
  • We can help.

DISABILITY Insurance – Personal & Group

CRITICAL ILLNESS Insurance – Personal & Group




Bertin was in his early 30’s when we met.  As part of the shareholder group’s overall risk management, I strongly recommended he/they purchase personal disability insurance.  Reluctantly Bertin purchased the coverage with one of his objections being they had a group benefit plan in place.  I advised him his group plan would not pay him anything if he became disabled.

Within a year of his personal disability plan being put in force, Bertin had the terrible experience of having part of the flesh of a leg removed due to a rare medical situation.  He could no longer perform the full duties of his regular occupation and had to modify his employment duties.

Did his group plan pay him any income replacement benefits?  NO.

Did his personal plan pay?  YES!

His personal plan paid him full benefits for a period of time, then when he was able to return to modified work duties, it continued to pay him partial benefits.  Even if his situation never worsens, his personal plan will pay his benefits until he is 65 years old.  Plus he had a Pensionguard Rider which pays a monthly deposit to his non-registered retirement savings plan (to age 65).

That’s over 30 years of benefits – guaranteed!

Recently the carrier offered Bertin a “settlement” to pay him out a large lump sum benefit – tax free.



Craig and Charity a young couple with two children needed to buy an amount of Life and Critical Illness insurance they could afford to get them through the dependency years of their children.  

A few years after they purchased their insurance, during Covid, Craig was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer unexpectedly.  Sadly, he passed away 6 weeks after his diagnosis.  

While he was living, he received the lump sum Critical Illness benefit.  They were hoping to utilize the proceeds to pay for specialized private healthcare treatments in the USA.  Unfortunately he succumbed to his illness faster than they could use it.

Craig passed away leaving a wife and 2 adolescent boys but had the satisfaction of knowing he cared for his family financially.   

We will certainly miss him.